The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) & the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) are your provincial and federal business advocates. We are part of a strong network that provides access to all levels of government. Read about the OCC’s and CCC’s policy frameworks below.

  • The OCC is Ontario’s largest, most inclusive, and credible business network.
  • The OCC undertakes research on Ontario’s most pressing policy issues from a business perspective. The chamber network proposes and advocates for solutions that will foster the growth of Ontario businesses and lead to the creation of jobs in the province. The OCC’s work is based on the belief that strong businesses are the foundation of a prosperous Ontario.
  • The OCC’s policy work is evidence-based and driven by members. The OCC is a respected voice among government decision-makers and their solutions-based advocacy sets them apart.

The OCC- Determining a policy agenda

  • The OCC researches and develops policy positions that aim to make Ontario a more attractive place to invest and do business.
  • OCC members help shape policy through the policy resolution process. At the OCC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Convention, members gather to debate and define the resolutions that inform advocacy efforts for the coming year. Out of this process comes a compendium of resolutions that form the basis of their advocacy work.
  • The OCC also leverages the expertise of its board of directors and its corporate and local chamber membership through its policy committee and taskforces to help shape the policy process.

OCC Policy Compendium

Every year, members of Ontario’s Chamber Network are invited to submit resolutions to shape the OCC’s policy and advocacy agenda. These resolutions are then voted on the floor of the OCC’s AGM.

Following approval at the AGM, the OCC, along with their members, move forward in advocacy efforts based on the resolutions contained within the Compendium of Policy Resolutions. Each resolution, once approved, has an effective lifespan of three years.

Download the Compendium of Policy Resolutions, 2017-2020
For an overview of OCC policy work and successes, read the 2014-2015 Policy Report Card here!

Advocacy at the CCC- the Power to Shape Policy

Since 1925, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has connected businesses of all sizes, from all sectors and from all regions of the country to advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses, communities and families across Canada.

Representing 200,000 businesses, the CCC is the largest business association in Canada, and the country’s most influential. Their views are sought after and respected by government, business leaders and the media thanks to their well-researched reports, analyses, position papers and policy resolutions that reflect a broad business perspective.

Policy Resolutions

Every year, member chambers of commerce and boards of trade, along with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s policy committees, are invited to submit resolutions of a national scope to the CCC’s policy process. This process culminates in a democratic vote on the floor of the CCC’s annual general meeting.
Following approval at the AGM, the CCC, along with their members, can move forward in advocacy efforts based on the resolutions contained within their Policy Resolutions Book. Each resolution, once approved, has an effective lifespan of three years.

Find the three most recent books (2015, 2016, 2017) here.

Curious about our stance on current issues?

See the policy resolutions that we have advanced with the OCC & CCC.