Rapid Test Kit Order Form

The COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative, a partnership between the Ontario and Canadian Chamber of Commerces, and the Ontario and Canadian governments, to provide free COVID-19 rapid tests will be ending June 30, 2023. We still have many tests available and we encourage all members to reach out if they require rapid tests. 

We still have a limited amount of test for distribution.

Message from the Public Health Sudbury & Districts – Read More


After you place your order, you will see information on the screen about when you can pick up your order. Please note this information before you exit the webpage. You will also receive an automatic email from [email protected] with the same information. Please check your spam folder.

Please note:
  1. You can order a two-week supply of rapid tests at a time. You can reorder more rapid tests before you run out of them.
  2. If this the first time you are placing an order for your business, please complete the Rapid Test Kits – Chamber Liability Release and email it to [email protected].
  3. Please watch the video about how to use the rapid tests here.
  4. Each box has five rapid tests in it. Please enter how many rapid tests you would like to order in the below form.
  5. The Rapid Testing Program is open to non-members as well.

Orders can be picked up as follows:

  • Tuesdays – 2pm – 4pm
  • Wednesdays – 9am – 11am
  • Thursdays – 2pm – 4pm
  • Fridays – 9am – 11am

* Required