Three strategic directions have been identified by the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce to best address trends, capture opportunities, and overcome anticipated challenges.

The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce is a trusted advocate that recognizes that the perspectives of our members need to be heard. We leverage strategic partnerships to influence change in public policy to advance the business interests of our members and by doing so, the broader business community.


  1. Continue to seek out opportunities to support our members in meaningful ways as we navigate our way through the pandemic and into the next stages of business and economic recovery.
  2. Demonstrate leadership by monitoring, researching, and engaging in public policy initiatives that impact our members.
  3. Foster relationships with strategic partners to enhance community economic prosperity to benefit our members.

The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce provides relevant networking opportunities to engage individuals, organizations, and their employees, to connect with community stakeholders to market their brand and form valuable business relationships.


  1. Market the value of being engaged with the chamber to members and their employees.
  2. Increase our members’ and their employees’ engagement with the chamber’s networking opportunities through technology and staff resources.
  3. Re-align the chamber’s membership model to better meet the needs of our members.

The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce offers educational opportunities, access to cost-effective resources, and cost-saving programs to create value for our members and their employees.


  1. Explore emerging technologies that allows us to create new opportunities to provide value for our members.
  2. Evaluate current member perks and affinity programs, and investigate new opportunities to ensure they provide value for our members.
  3. Continue to host signature events and topical learning opportunities that are relevant to the business community.


The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce is a trusted advocate, a forum for business connectivity, and a community partner that, through leveraging its strategic relationships, can provide its members with a competitive advantage.


The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce is a forum for business that influences government decision-making so that our members’ perspectives are heard. We connect our members through networking opportunities and support them by providing value-added services that allow our members to grow and succeed.


      • Committed
      • Accountable
      • Integrity
      • Inclusive
      • Collaborative

The full strategic plan is available here.

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