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“As a newly joined member of the Chamber of Commerce, I was thrilled to have access to the user-friendly Chamber of Commerce app. It was incredibly easy to navigate and offered a range of features that enhanced my business’s interaction with other chamber members.

One of the standout features of the app was the ability to offer perks and discounts to fellow members. This feature not only allowed me to promote my business and attract new customers within the chamber network but also fostered a sense of community and support among members. It was a win-win situation where I could provide value and savings to other businesses while boosting my own visibility and customer base.


The process of offering perks through the app was seamless. I was able to create exclusive deals and discounts, specify the terms, and easily update them as needed. The app provided a convenient platform for promoting these perks, which reached a wide audience of chamber members eager to support local businesses. It was truly a fantastic way to increase exposure and attract potential customers.

Moreover, I appreciated the app’s networking capabilities. It facilitated effortless communication and collaboration with other chamber members. From accessing member directories to sending messages and scheduling meetings, the app simplified the process of connecting with fellow business owners, building valuable relationships, and exploring potential partnerships.

Furthermore, the app provided valuable resources, such as news updates, event notifications, and access to educational materials.

Overall, the Chamber of Commerce app has exceeded my expectations as a new business member. Its user-friendly interface, perks feature, and networking capabilities have made it an essential tool for promoting my business, building connections, and staying engaged with the chamber community. I highly recommend it to any new or existing member looking to maximize their chamber experience and leverage the collective power of local businesses.”


Jaime Wagner, President of Wagner Consulting Group