Canada Revenue Agency Task Force Members:

André Dumais – Bestech
Brenda Ranger – Levert WorkSafe
Kerri Boufard – Add-Vantage Bookkeeping

This issue was brought to the Advocacy Committee by a member who was frustrated with the CRA standard used to define contractors and full-time employees.

The CRA Task Force was set up to examine how to improve the four point test the CRA uses to define whether a person is a contractor or an employee.

The result of the was a resolution aimed at updating and improving the concepts. It was submitted to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) for consideration as a 2011-12 resolution. After a series of discussions with the CCC, it was determined that this issue would be best handled through direct channels with senior management at the CRA. As a result, the resolution was withdrawn and your chamber is now pursuing the matter with the CRA directly. It is our expectation that we will achieve the goal of injecting clarity and reason into the guidelines so that employers can be confident when they hire.