Repeal of Bill 148

Repeal of Bill 148 On October 23, the Government of Ontario announced that it was proposing Bill 47: the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018, which includes a near-full repeal of Bill 148, the Fair Workplace, Better Jobs Act, 2017, along with improvements to Ontario’s apprenticeship system.  We are encouraged by the Government taking action to…

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Red Tape Reduction at City Hall

Over the last two years, your chamber – through its Deregulation and Red Tape Task Force – has been continually working to refine, reduce and  eliminate the amount of unnecessary and unreasonable regulations and processes at Tom Davies Square. Oftentimes slow and difficult, the process has nonetheless made some progress. This letter from the Mayor’s office demonstrates a single, yet crucial…

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Latest Issues

Public Comment: Class Environmental Assessment for Activites of MNDM related to Mining Act

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) is developing a class environmental assessment (Class EA) for its activities under the Mining Act that are subject to the Environmental Assessment Act. These activities include discretionary tenure decisions related to surface rights, mining rights and chattels, and Ministry-administered mine rehabilitation activities. As part of the planning…

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