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Moe Lavigne, Vice President, KWG Resources sits down with us to answer some questions:

1)    What does the new regional framework agreement between first nations and the province mean to companies such as KWG resources in moving forward with development of the Ring of Fire?

2)    Can you comment on Cliff’s challenging KWG’s staked corridor in the Ring of Fire in court?

3)    You’ve talked about how provincial electricity prices act as a development challenge in the Ring of Fire.  What would you like to see regarding electricity pricing to make a more attractive investment environment for the Ring of Fire and for processing minerals in the province itself?

4)    We’ve heard recently that the Ring of Fire requires more of a business case and that companies, rather than government, should be leading decision making on how to move this development forward.  What are your thoughts on this?

April 3, 2014 from Daniel Thomson on Vimeo.