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How did we get here? Democracy 101
Chamber releases Rick Mercer style video to showcase the 2014 referendum

(Greater Sudbury, October 16, 2014) The chamber’s deregulation working group has released a set of videos to inform the public about the upcoming 2014 referendum.

During the municipal election, voters are presented with more than names on the ballot.  Voters are also being asked to answer three questions pertaining to store hours.

Today, the chamber released a “Democracy 101” video with co-chair of our deregulation working group, André Dumais, explaining how the referendum came about and answering the question “how did we get here”?

“The sky didn’t fall down when stores were finally allowed to open on Sundays.  The sky will not fall this time around if the store hours by-laws are repealed.   We need to move away from outdated thinking, embrace change and take a look at what’s going on around us.  We’re in a different time and we need to keep up,” says André Dumais, co-chair of our deregulation working group.


“This video is a funny way to highlight how the referendum came about.    This issue has been bounced around for so many years without an ultimate decision being made.  The ball is now in the hands of Sudbury voters to make a final decision on the issue.  Our hope is to see more than 50% of eligible voters voting in order to receive a binding result,” says John Querney, co-chair of our deregulation working group.

With the advanced internet voting period having started, the chamber is using these videos to continue to inform the public about the referendum and to encourage them to vote.

The other Vote Yes videos can be viewed here:

Store Hours-the Community:

Boxing Day Store Hours Rant:

Vote Yes to Store Hours- a Business Owner’s Perspective

Stay tuned for more videos and discussions on this issue.

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