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The chamber has officially launched our new Strategic Plan 2015-2017.  We have identified three goals to take the chamber to the next level in terms of advocacy, community development and member relations.

For a quick snapshot of your Strategic Plan 2015-2017, watch our video here:


Strategic Plan 2015-2017 identifies 3 main goals:

Goal #1

Advocate for Busines: The chamber will continue to be the leading voice of business in Greater Sudbury.  It will engage its membership by introducing progressive techniques that will solicit stronger involvement in its advocacy efforts.

Goal #2

Creating Strong Change Agents: The chamber will be an epicenter for business discussion in Greater Sudbury by incubating an environment that engages its members.  It will nurture community champions and foster positive actions for community prosperity.

Goal #3

Strengthen the Value of Membership: Through regular consultation, the chamber will enhance the value of membership by being responsive to market demands.

For a quick summary of Strategic Plan 2015-2017, click on our one pager here!

The full Strategic Plan can be found:

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