March 16, 2022 – Canadian businesses are calling on the federal government to do what is best for Canada’s
economy. The federal government must act to prevent a Canadian Pacific (CP) work stoppage

Supply chains are under serious strain both here and around the world. Many of the issues
Canada can’t fix by itself, but some we can.

A work stoppage of any length will have a deep and adverse impact for all Canadians who rely
on the essential rail supply chain and for the broader Canadian economy. Any disruption would
further cripple Canada’s freight capacity and have a profound impact on not only rail shippers,
but all shippers, including trucking and air, throughout the broader Canadian economy. It would
do irrevocable damage to Canadian supply chains that would extend beyond our borders and
harm our reputation as a reliable partner in international trade.

CP has stated that it is willing to immediately enter binding arbitration to resolve this matter
without a work stoppage. The government must do everything in its power to get the union to

– Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce. To view a full list of organizations that have signed this statement, click here.