Wednesday, November 18
11:00 AM

Has your business fully embraced selling in a virtual world yet? Moving away from the traditional world of marketing towards emerging digital trends isn’t easy, but it’s necessary, because digital is the new mainstream.

While businesses have been forced to rely on the engagement and performance of their online activities, it has created new opportunities for marketers to take advantage of channels that are more interactive, and offer the ability to customize, target, and measure ROI to optimize efforts.

To reap the rewards of the new marketing landscape, it is critical to consider the purpose of each individual platform, the talent required for successful implementation, and the costs associated.

To help you navigate the new world of digital marketing, we are hosting a panel discussion with leading industry experts to demonstrate how to develop integrated digital marketing strategies that place your customer at the centre of all business decisions, and provide practical advice to help your business progress and thrive in this new era.

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Andrew Mushing
Manager of Marketing Excellence, Digital and In-House Studio,
The Hershey Company

Chris Barrett
CEO, Operatic

Trinh Tham
Chief Marketing Officer, SVP Marketing & E-Commerce,
Harry Rosen