The Downtown Master Plan was completed in four phases. Phase One was initiated in September 2010 and Phase Four concluded in February 2012.  In January, the draft master plan and action strategy was released.

The Board of Directors  of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce unanimously supports the recently released draft Downtown Master Plan and Action Strategy.

The motion approved by the Board is as follows;

MOVED THAT Whereas Downtown Sudbury is the heart of Greater Sudbury and an important centre for government and business services, retail, arts and culture, recreation and entertainment; and

Whereas the City of Greater Sudbury and Greater Sudbury Development Corporation have, in concert with many community partners, including the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, prepared a new vision, plan and action strategy to guide the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Sudbury; and

Whereas the vision paints an ambitious and compelling picture of what Downtown Sudbury could look like 30 years from now; and

Whereas the master plan and action strategy lays out a comprehensive series of actions and initiatives that the City and community can advance to continue to transform the core into an active, safe and diverse destination for people, businesses, not-for-profits, agencies and new investments in all forms; and

Therefore, be it resolved that the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce endorses the Downtown Sudbury Vision, Plan and Action Strategy….CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.