The Chamber has supported a deregulated environment that allows all businesses to set their own hours of operation to meet their market demand.

Store Hours was identified as a priority by the board at its annual retreat in September 2010 and the Store Hours Task Force was struck in December 2010.

Store Hours Task Force Members:
André Dumais – Bestech
Julie Dénommé – Lasting Leadership
Bob Cardy – Southridge Mall
Curtis Fortowsky – New Sudbury Centre
David Harding – Nanna’s Kettle Corn
Brigitte Michel-Finlay – A & J Home Hardware
Marc Serre – EastLink
Peter Dal Bianco – Bianco’s Audiotronic

During the February 9, 2011 city council meeting, a motion was put forth by Mayor Marianne Matichuk to repeal a bylaw that would deregulate store hours within the City of Greater Sudbury.

The motion was defeated with a vote of 8-5.

Voting Results:

Mayor Marianne Matichuk – yes
Joe Cimino – no
Jacques Barbeau – no
Claude Berthiaume – no
Evelyn Dutrisac – no
Ron Dupuis – no
André Rivest – no
Dave Kilgour – yes
Fabio Belli – yes
Doug Craig – yes
Frances Caldarelli – yes
Terry Kett – no
Joscelyne Landry-Altmann – no

The task force continues to work on this issue and it is addressed during all chamber meetings with Councillors.

At the February 14th council meeting, councillors will vote on the motion of putting the issue to a referendum.