Red Tape Reduction at City Hall

Over the last two years, your chamber – through its Deregulation and Red Tape Task Force – has been continually working to refine, reduce and  eliminate the amount of unnecessary and unreasonable regulations and processes at Tom Davies Square. Oftentimes slow and difficult, the process has nonetheless made some progress. This letter from the Mayor’s office demonstrates a single, yet crucial…

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Canadians with disabilities are under-represented in the workplace

Businesses can learn and be inspired by the best practices of employers of people with disabilities in Rethinking disAbility in the Private Sector, a federal panel’s new report, available online. The panel consulted with businesses and organizations, including the Canadian Chamber, last fall and they heard that: • Hiring people with disabilities makes good business…

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Latest Issues

Potential impact of Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL) and suggested actions

The Canadian Chamber is very concerned about new “anti-spam” rules the federal government announced two weeks ago. Canadian anti-spam legislation and the corresponding regulations have taken a “ban-all”  approach to regulating commercial electronic messages (CEMs). All emails, SMS texts, social media sent in a commercial context are captured. The legislation will obligate the sender to…

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