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Roundtable with Aime Dimatteo, Director General, FedNor

On Thursday, February 23, your chamber and community stakeholders participated in a roundtable discussion with Aime Dimatteo, Director General, FedNor. Mr. Dimatteo provided an overall discussion of FedNor including its priorities(community economic development, business growth and competitiveness, and innovation), funding considerations, and explained how the application process has been streamlined and improved going forward. Mr…

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Role of Taxation in Enhancing Canada’s Productivity Through Encouraging Skills & Training for Small Business

The skills and labour shortage facing Canada is already nearing epidemic proportions due to increasing skill shortages, the aging of our workforce and global competition. According to the Conference Board of Canada, by 2020 Canada will be facing a labour shortage of nearly 1 million workers. The shortage of skilled workers and new job entrants…

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