Chamber LIVE  is a virtual series of informative, resource-based webinars designed to support you and your business. Chamber Live provides remote access opportunities for professional development, continuing education and thoughtful, interactive discussion with industry leaders, business experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

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September 14:

Chamber LIVE – Northern Ontario Chambers host a Townhall with the Premier & the Minister

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July 8:

Chamber LIVE – Bring About What You Think About with Eddie LeMoine

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July 7:

Chamber LIVE – Safety Insights for Getting Back to Business during COVID19


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June 10:

Town Hall: Back to Business During Covid-19

June 10:

Chamber LIVE – Defining the New Airport Operation & Air Travel Experience

June 4:

Virtual President’s Series With Deputy Governor Toni Gravelle, Bank of Canada

June 2:

Chamber LIVE – Reopening and Rehiring with MPM Law

May 27:

barterpay – A conversation with Women Entrepreneurs about how to leverage organized barter to conserve cash!

May 25:

Chamber LIVE – COVID-19 Economic Assessment with TD

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May 19:

Chamber LIVE – Federal Northern Ontario Liberal Caucus Townhall 

May 14:

Chamber LIVE – New Day Wellness

May 12:

Chamber LIVE – How to Navigate Finances in a Cashless World?

May 8:

Chamber LIVE – Townhall with Minister Joly

May 7:

Chamber LIVE – Wage Subsidy Applications Confusing? Let MNP Help You.

May 6:

Chamber LIVE with Northern Ministers

May 1:

Chamber LIVE – Bringing your Business Online: Ideas That Click

April 28:

Chamber LIVE – Federal Townhall with Minister Mona Fortier

April 21:

Chamber LIVE – BarterPay

April 15:

Chamber LIVE – Elected Officials Townhall

April 9:

Chamber LIVE – What’s Your Plan BE During COVID-19? Leadership Perspective.


Download – Plan BE during COVID 19 Presentation

April 8:

Chamber LIVE – COVID-19: Tax and Other Relief for Business Owners.


Download – Tax and Other Relief COVID-19 Presentation

April 1: