Chamber Publications

On January 30, 2020, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce convened some of Canada’s greatest business minds, all coming together
with a common purpose: to find and develop new ideas to stimulate our economy.

This was the genesis for the inaugural Canada 360° Economic Summit, so named because we
understand that every Canadian and every business leader has a stake in our shared economic future.
Our objective was to bring together a plurality of views, opinions and insights to help guide the growth
and direction of the Canadian economy.

Like any economy in the world, Canada has challenges and advantages, and we considered both in
our discussions. For all of our problems, we remain the most fortunate people on the planet. Our quality
of life is exceptional. We have an abundance of natural resources that remains the envy of the world.
We have one of the most educated workforces among the G7. However, for all of the advantages that
we enjoy, we cannot take them for granted.

We asked business leaders the big questions about how the economy is changing underneath our feet
and how can we best position Canada. These discussions focused on three main areas: Canada’s
declining levels of competitiveness, Canada’s place in the world amidst a changing global economy
and Canada’s role as a nation of innovators in an increasingly disruptive economy.

Based on these discussions, the business community identified eight priorities to attract investment to
Canada, help create jobs and grow and strengthen our communities:
• A regulatory system that works for everyone, including business.
• Infrastructure and innovation to make Canada the most connected country in the world.
• A workforce with the skills, education and training to prosper.
• Access to new markets around the world and the elimination of trade barriers at home.
• A tax system that is fair, efficient and modern.
• Resources to help small- and medium- sized businesses grow and succeed.
• Addressing climate change by lowering emissions and increasing energy supply.
• A healthier pharmacare system for healthier Canadians.
This report details what we heard directly from Canadian business leaders about the issues they are
facing on the ground and what this means for our economy and our country. The challenge now is
to ensure our governments have the vision, the principle and the strength of purpose to achieve our
economic potential both here at home and in our relations with the rest of the world. Canada urgently
needs a comprehensive national economic strategy focused on these priorities.

Read the complete report here.