Ensuring Adequate Insurance protection for Canadian Business

Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses are facing increased difficulty in securing adequate and affordable insurance coverage. Rapidly escalating insurance costs are having a negative impact on individual businesses and the Canadian economy. The insurance industry and insurers are in the business of making money for their stockholders. Failure to do so reduces investor confidence, which…

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Chambers across northeast release Far North Act Joint Statement

On Friday, September 9, your Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) joined with the Timmins Chamber, Sault Ste. Marie Chamber and the North Bay Chamber to release a joint statement on the Far North Act. The statement highlights five specific actions the four chambers believe need to be addressed immediately. The provincial government introduced the…

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Far North Act

The Far North Act was identified by the board as an issue during an annual retreat in the fall of 2010. A task force was struck in March 2011 and continues to examine how the legislation will impact business and the potential opportunities it may hold. Far North Act Task Force Members: Gary Potts –…

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